Which Is The Most Immigrant Friendly Nation For Indians?

Indians Every year a huge number of people move overseas from India on various visa categories. A large section of the people moving abroad is of those individuals, who immigrate to a new country on a permanent residence visa. There has been a lot of chaos and discussion about the changing immigration policies of advanced nations and tightening immigration rules in some of the nations.


However, if you are an Indian, you must be concerned thinking as to which is most Immigrant friendly nation for Indians?

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Best country for Indians to live, work and settle

There are many advanced countries, where Indians have been moving to traditionally and even in the modern era as well. However, when it comes to best among them all and that too considering the modern immigration scenario, Canada is by far the best immigration destination for IndiansIn fact, it is the best country in the world to live and settle permanently. Let’s first analyze the global ranking and status of Canada and then we will come down to the fact why it’s best for Indians in particular.

Best country in the world based on Quality of life

In the latest best country ranking by US News & World Report, Canada is the best country in the world, based on Quality of lifeThanks to the advanced infrastructure, democratic setup, high standards of living, available job opportunities and multicultural yet a peaceful society.

Category Canada Ranking
Quality of Life 1
Citizenship 2
Education 3
Women 3
Raising Children Rankings 4
Power 12
Entrepreneurship 6
Cultural Influence 12
Comfortable Retirement 4


Moreover, Canada is the 2nd best country in the world for Citizenship parameters and ranks 3rd for Education as well as for women. When it comes to raising children it is No.4 in the world.

Why Canada is the Best Immigration Destination for Indians?

Canada and India are attached both traditionally and culturally. Both are two of the best parliamentary democracies has long-standing bilateral relations. Canada is home to millions of families from Indian origin (i.e. approximately 1.2 million), i.e. 3.6 percent of the population. Canada and India share political, cultural and business ties since long.

While a few advanced countries trying to impellent tougher immigration rules, Canada is one country, which is welcoming the immigrants with a true spirit and hospitality. The Indian communities, temples, Gurudwaras, and social groups, etc. encourage a lot of Indians every year to immigrate to Canada from India.

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Canada is Lenient on Immigrants

The liberal government of Canada, which likely forms the government second time in a row, has been quite lenient on immigrants and immigration. It has relaxed many immigration process and rules in favour of the visa applicants. It has been easing the family reunification process as well over the years. The government plans to invite more than one million permanent residents in Canada by 2021. The annual immigration target of Canada is also quite high in the last few years, i.e. over 300,000 per year. Recently, the government has announced to allocate the fund of $10 million to help newcomers find a job in Canada.