Welcome to the Polar Bear Capital of the World

Churchill is a town in the subarctic region of Northern Canada, set on the shores of the Hudson Bay. In the summer months, beluga whales occupy the bay whilst later in the year, the big draw are polar bear and northern lights sightings. The town is unreachable by road, so when you arrive at Lazy Bear Lodge you soon realise you’re somewhere not many people get to go.


Manitoba is extremely diverse with frozen landscapes, forests, and grasslands plus a trendy urban scene. If you believe that variety is the spice of life, then Manitoba may just be the perfect place for you to settle in Canada. To top it off, it’s safe, affordable, and perfect for both families and young professionals.

Canada plans on welcoming approximately 74, 000 immigrants through its provincial immigration programs in 2020, and another 74, 800 immigrants in 2021!

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Why Move to Manitoba?

Before we dive into the ‘how’ let’s first discuss why you’d want to consider living and working in this beautifully diverse Canadian province. Here are 5 things that set Manitoba apart from the others.

1. Polar Bears Galore

Churchill is a small town to the far north of Manitoba. Its subarctic climate makes it the perfect home to approximately 800 – 1000 polar bears. Churchill is also known as the beluga whale watching hotspot and the best place to experience the northern lights. You can choose to live in the town along with the other 899 residents if you don’t mind long, cold winters and short, cool summers.

2. Winnipeg

The ‘Peg’, as locals like to call the capital city of Manitoba, is undeniably trendy and bustling with specialty retailers, cafes, pop-up stores, art galleries, and markets of all kinds. The city offers lucrative job opportunities in a variety of skilled and intermediate skilled occupations and industries. Manitoba also offers more affordable housing with the average home costing as low as $222, 000.

3. Viking and Icelandic Culture

It’s no secret that Canada is a proudly multicultural nation. Icelanders and Ukrainians settled in Manitoba during the 1800s and 1900s, bringing their rich cultural heritage to the region. Today, Manitobans enjoy festivals such as the National Ukrainian Festival in Dauphin featuring lively song, dance, and fancy footwork that will make even the person with two left feet want to hit the floor.

4. Small Town Charm

Outside of Manitoba’s capital region, you’ll find many small, picturesque towns, such as Springfield, Hanover, Altona, and Rhinefield that are perfect for the person who prefers a quiet and slow-paced lifestyle. Many of these towns are currently facing a shortage of industrial butchers, meat cutters, poultry preparers, and other related workers as well as nurse aides and orderlies. If you have the skills and work experience to fill a job in one of these occupations you’ll be able to move to Manitoba, Canada through the Skilled Worker Overseas Stream.

5. University of Manitoba

Manitoba has a premium selection of universities and colleges, including the University of Manitoba and Red River College situated in Winnipeg as well as Brandon University. International students who complete a study program of at least 1-year at any of these designated institutions or any of the others in the province can move to Manitoba permanently through the International Education Stream, a special immigration program designed by the provincial government.

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How to Move to Manitoba, Canada in 2020

It turns out that when it comes to immigration, Manitoba likes to do things slightly differently. Many foreigners who apply to immigrate to Canada have never visited the country before and don’t necessarily know in which city they’d like to settle, where to look for job opportunities, schools, and housing.

For this reason, Manitoba invites eligible candidates for an exploratory visit to research communities and employment opportunities to help them make an informed decision on whether Manitoba is the right place for them and their families. After the visit and an interview with the provincial government, candidates whose shown a genuine intention and ability to economically establish themselves in the province will be awarded an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency.

This entire process is done through the Skilled Workers Overseas Stream of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. Learn more about it below.

Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

Skilled workers from overseas can apply to move to Manitoba through the Skilled Worker Overseas Stream. Those with family or friends living in Manitoba or have previously worked in or studied in the province may also be eligible for this immigration stream. Workers with in-demand job skills will be given preference during the selection process.