Business Immigration to Canada: A Passport to the World!

Thinking about getting another passport? Why not make it a Canadian one? Canada is globally recognized as one of the best countries in the world to live in and it’s not hard to see why! With world class educational institutions, beautiful scenery, a strong and stable economy and the reputation of having some of the nicest people in the world, Canada truly is an incredible country. And one of the easiest ways to earn citizenship status in Canada is to bring your business skills here. Want to know more? Continue reading below.


If you’re ready and willing to establish yourself economically and can help increase the development of the Canadian economy, the Canadian government wants your talents! You may qualify to come to Canada as a business immigrant. If you can invest funds, talents, or start your own business in Canada, you’ll be making direct contributions to the growth and strengthening of the Canadian economy. It’s a win-win situation!

Many of the world’s wealthiest and most industrious people have two and sometimes three or four passports. Why? Freedom and flexibility! No one chooses the country they’re born in. More often than not, your country of citizenship is the country where you were raised, educated and likely earned your wealth. However, many of the world’s affluent invest and participate in the economies of countries outside of their country of citizenship. How does this relate to Canada? Well, that’s easy. Canada’s government prioritizes immigration for business investors. And, the Canadian passport is one of the top twenty-five most powerful passports in the world based on ease of traveling to other countries (for visa-free travel).

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Start-Up Visa Program vs Self-Employed Persons Program

As far as business immigration to Canada goes, there are two popular options: the start-up visa program and the self-employed persons program. In broad strokes, to be eligible for the start-up visa program, you need to be officially and financially backed by a designated Canadian venture capital fund, angel investor group or business incubator. Additionally, you need to have a strong command of at least one of Canada’s two official languages, English or French. Finally, you need to have enough money to arrive and live in Canada until you start to earn a profit or at the very least an income.

Depending on your career profile, the self-employed persons program may be better suited to you. It’s better suited to those among us who are more handy, creative and/or physical. Do you have experience that will have an impactful contribution at a cultural or athletic level in Canada? Perhaps you have extensive experience in farm management with the intention of buying and managing a Canadian farm? If you answered yes to either of the two previous questions. You may qualify for the self-employed persons immigration program.

If you’re unsure which program better suits your needs: the start-up visa program or the self-employed person’s program, don’t worry! The Canadim Team is here to help you figure it out. Simply complete a free business immigration assessment online and one of our legal representatives will contact you to discuss your options!

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Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

For many reasons, Quebec has a very special place in the Canadian landscape. One of those reasons is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. What makes it so special? It’s the only provincial program across the country that lets business immigrants come to Canada based on the value of their net worth. In other words, if you have a lot of money, you can likely become a permanent Canadian resident. What’s the catch? You have to invest your money in a government guaranteed investment. Want to know if you’re eligible? If you answer “yes” to the four questions below, you likely make a strong candidate!

  1. Have you legally created $1.6 million CAD for yourself?
  2. Have you worked in a managerial position for at least two years or acquired extensive business experience within the five years prior to the application?
  3. Are you willing to commit to an investment of $800,000 CAD for five years in a government guaranteed interest free investment?
  4. Are you willing to live in the province of Quebec?